Let i4 manage your supply chain forecasting and planning.

GIB Forecasting

GIB is a solution for supply chain optimization that runs in SAP. Using the GIB solution for supply chain management, our customers have gained efficiencies and time savings in their daily work of up to 40%. According to supply chain industry research, a pervasive challenge for manufacturing and distribution companies is linking supply chain with execution. This issue is not surprising since most companies conduct planning activities outside of their ERP platform. If their master data exists in ERP, if transactional data exists in ERP, or the supply chain practitioners conduct business inside ERP, then it stands to reason that planning activities should also exist inside ERP. This common sense principle has enabled GIB clients to achieve substantial supply chain improvements at a fraction of the cost for comparable external supply chain solutions.

i4 has added a new layer to its Planning Analytics portfolio with Partnership with GIB.

The new offering is intended for enterprises seeking to migrate individual departments from manual budgeting and forecasting processes to an automated, AI‐enabled GIB process. Many organizations and CIO’s, large and small, still rely on manual processes & data using spreadsheets for budgeting and forecasting, including demand planning, salary planning, capacity planning, supply chain trending and planning, and more.

Manually this process can take days. Enterprise planning systems such as GIB’s Forecast & Planning Analytics Module brings that time down to hours. i4's existing Forecast & Planning Analytics service team enables the planning process to integrate
data, with workflow approvals and review.


What Makes GIB Unique:

  • GIB takes an "optimization in" approach
  • Instead of moving data and people out of ERP, GIB puts advanced supply chain tools inside of ERP
  • Every other supply chain vendor takes you out of your core system
  • GIB provides planning, simulation, and decision-making tools where your people and data reside
  • GIB provides practical, easy to implement solutions to address your supply chain needs


Why It Matters:

  • No expensive integration work
  • No expensive cloud fees that never end
  • No new hardware
  • No new software to learn
  • Rapid deployment in days and weeks, not months and years
  • Rapid ROI


How i4 Can Help:

  • i4's quick and unique implementation methodology saves more than 30% in implementation time and costs for our clients
  • Single focus on SAP and supply chain
  • Extensive experience on both SAP and GIB
  • 24/7 support cycle during implementation and post-implementation support
  • SAP and GIB partner

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